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Dreams are made to come true. Dakota hanging with Les Twins!

“Law and Order”

Atlanta Workshops

I wasn’t going to respond to all that has occurred, because this should be handled by the people who book their workshops, who, by the way, is not me.

Lestwins.org Official Contacts

Dance and Workshop Booking: Barbara.fabri@wanadoo.fr and booking@lestwins.org.

This information is the same on their Facebook and Twitter accounts.

I’m not sure why I’m being identified as either of these people, but it is blatantly incorrect. People are clearly “guessing” who I may be and posting it as fact.

For those of you who paid to attend this event, you are aware that it was organized by Jahari Productions, aka Jacqueline Harris, who is responsible for paying the artists, coordinating with the booking official for the artists and refunding money if she cancels the events.

Les Twins were looking forward to great workshops in Atlanta and have never cared about class size.

My. Wish. If I could, I would place in these bottles the greatness I get to experience so that you could experience it too. You would either be blissfully drunk or extraordinarily fragranced. Either way, imagine experiencing what you feel from afar …. up close. #lovingmylife

Sometimes you need perspective. You’ve been right in front of greatness so often that you need to step back and see it again for the first time.

– Life with Les Twins (Inspired by Jay-Z’s quote about Beyonce)



“Secret life is better sometime”
From Larry’s Instagram
Amen to that

omg his eyes are so beautiful. but damn Larry what are you talking about LOL

Secret Life - What you wish for when you’re famous and you’d rather be invisible …. If only for one day.


“Tv Show Today”

(Via Larry’s Instagram) … looking Dreamy Larry :)


Gratitude. Les. Twins.

Many of you have shared your experiences and photos of Les Twins at HHI 2012. It was exciting to read how so many people were once again moved to attend just to meet them, or dance with them or just show some support.

I want to let you all know that it is appreciated. I can share some of what I saw at HHI 2012. I saw some of the LT Ladies meeting Larry and Laurent and come face-to-face with two people you probably never thought you’d meet. And some even got up the nerve to touch their hair — looking at you LT-Motionry — yes, I saw that. Just like I said in my last post, they were excited to meet all of you and receive presents, well wishes, love and hugs. They really were.

I saw Laurent take time out of battling to talk to a talented kid. He stepped up to let this kid know that he was talented and respected his gift. I saw Larry stop and talk to each person that wanted to talk with him or get a photo or give an autograph, even though he was clearly exhausted. But the desire to let someone meet their inspiration is always there for him because of his gratitude for his gift and your support. They both remembered any promise they made for a photo or autograph. Or just to say hi. They approached dancers almost as much as they were approached as dancers. Just to give support. It is never about who’s known them for how long and why — they hate that, by the way — as they should because it just doesn’t matter.

During the meet and greet with the fans after the workshop, Larry and Laurent never looked at the long line. They just tried to make each person that stepped up feel like they were the only one in line. It was remarkable to watch. Half way through, Laurent received some good news on his phone and immediately went to Angela and gave her a big hug and kiss — and in that moment — he was no longer “Laurent of Les Twins” he was just Lau taking a moment to show gratitude to someone the same way the folks in that line were doing to him. And then he went right back to business. It happened that fast.

People traveled - some from other countries — just for the opportunity to meet or dance with Larry and Laurent. Some spoke English, some barely and others not really at all. But none of that mattered. If someone took a picture of the people in that workshop, it could be used in a United Colors of Bennetton ad. If music is the universal language, Les Twins are the lyrics.

My favorite moments were whenever the young dancers encountered Larry & Laurent. The looks on their faces when they realized they were actually standing in front of them was priceless. Nothing compared to that and I know that’s what keeps these guys doing what they do.

They are extremely grateful. Thank you.

Anonymous said: Hey Dreamsdaughter! I told you I would look up your Tumblr blog. It was really great meeting you here at UDC. You were right - I am having a ball. And I will continue to support them. I am inspired! You guys have fun at HHI! M.Dash

M.Dash. Glad you found my Tumblr. Thanks for the support. It is greatly appreciated! Proud of your dancing. LOL.

The. Human. Side. of. Fame.

THAT post is the reason I wrote “The Promise”.

People may need to realize that celebrities are ordinary people living extraordinary lives under unimaginable circumstances.

Les Twins, in particular, are divinely talented and on the cusp of their eve of greatness. Global. Superstardom. Success. Unfortunately, they’re just starting out and like other celebrities, will have to adjust to other people’s interpretation of their actions. But … they don’t owe anyone anything. They are grateful, humble and appreciative of the love and support that they get … but they give just as much as they get. We may know some things, but you will never really know someone’s entire story … and what they’ve really gone through or are still going through. Their adaptation to being a celebrity is not a character flaw, nor is their success a debt to be paid to every single person they encounter.

One of the early lessons the twins seem to be learning about being a celebrity is that you can’t be EVERYTHING to EVERYBODY. And. Never. Will. Yet, when you leave your house, there will always be someone wanting something, whether you have it to give or not.

Do you know how many times Beyonce, Will Smith, Leonardo DiCaprio, Oprah, Rihanna and even Michael Jackson were called “rude” by a fan for whatever reason? Comes. With. Territory.

In fairness, let’s flip the celebrity coin: Imagine, after winning JD 2011, Les Twins’ dream was to return to Juste Debout 2012 just so they could sit down, watch the competition, hear great music, enjoy each other’s company and the company of those sitting near them. INSTEAD, their reality is that they danced, when asked, battled, when challenged, posed for pictures, signed autographs, talked to hundreds of people, ate ice cream when they really wanted a hot lunch, stood and danced on their feet for hours and gave interviews to all of the media that requested them. And why? Comes. With. Territory.

Next time, let JD stand for Just. Don’t.

Clarity is the key to Perception

I’d like to bring some clarity to this “fandom” fight that’s been going on. First of all, very few, if any, of these people posting on here that they “know” Larry and Laurent, really, truly know them. The fact that they acknowledge you when you’re in their presence means they’re not rude people. The fact that you may have their phone number and they have yours may only mean that you’ve given them a reason to believe that you have the keys to an opportunity for them …. that you really don’t have. The notion that you may feel the need to make everyone believe that you have the inside track on everything about them only means that someone who used to know them talks a little too much and you just happen to be the benefactor of those verbal indiscretions, but we all know that loose lips sink ships.

The real friends of Larry and Laurent don’t refer to them as Les Twins. The real friends of Larry and Laurent don’t feel the need to post every video and every photo and every encounter with them to prove you know them. You just don’t. Why? Because you’re their friend. You’ve been to their house and they’ve been to yours. You travel together. You go on vacation together. You buy them birthday presents and cards and they do the same for you. They call you as much as you call them… just to say hi and it’s never related to business opportunities .. real or fake.

This post is for all of you who may be a new fan to Larry and Laurent and are startled by this ” I knew them first and know them the best” foolishness. It’s not real. None of it. Much of what most of these people are saying about each other is true … many of them are exaggerating their “relationships” with Larry and Laurent because they really don’t exist. More like “recognizationships”. As in, they recognize you when they see you, know your number when you may call and may even engage in conversation with you, but you’re not a part of their lives. You’re just not. Noone has entitlements or privileges.

Some of you have a real unhealthy obsession/fascination with Larry and Laurent. You’ve quit your jobs. You’ve quit school. You’ve stopped pursuing your passions. All of your dreams are about meeting them, talking to them, sleeping with them, being acknowledged by them. You have no real dreams of your own. You’ve quit living. All for the possibility of a few moments with them so you can reblog it like it was a lifetime. And it wasn’t. They don’t like quitters. They like monsters. They like people who live beyond their potential. They like people who are passionate about discovering their own talents and gifts. They like people who stand out for their individuality and not rely on perceptions to make them cool. They like doers, not sayers and posers.

I wish more of Larry and Laurent’s real friends had the time and care to post on here. What you’d see is nothing like what you’ve seen. You’d witness respect for artists that are truly talented, but care for the real people behind that talent. You’d hear from people who share dreams with Larry and Laurent, but have dreams of their own that are supported and encouraged by Larry and Laurent. Like I said, their real friends.

There are really big things happening for Larry and Laurent. Please support them. They will appreciate it and will ask for nothing more. When you meet them, they will be glad to have met you. And when you see them again, if they remember you, they will acknowledge you. That’s just how they are. But take it for what it is because it will be nothing more. There are thousands, possibly millions of you and just two of them. There’s no way they can have deep, personal, meaningful, life changing relationships with all of you in the timespan of a …. workshop. Or a brief encounter after a concert. Or from a series of misleading phone calls.

No disprespect to anyone, but enough is too much on here. Get back to celebrating and supporting two talented stars on the rise. And then go find your own lives and live them.

… the. Future.

Redefining. The. Meaning. of. Regret.

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