The Promise.

To Larry and Laurent.

Promise me you’ll keep your promise. The promise To Love. To Trust. To Respect. To Support. Each Other. Always. The promise to choose loyalty over fame. The promise to remember that you are ONE SOUL sharing TWO BODIES.

As you move inches closer to fulfilling your dreams,

Remember that the Entertainment Industry is an acclaimed actor. And the world is its stage. It has been known to eat the hearts of lions and steal the hope from the American Dream like a thief in the night.

When you’re on top, it takes you in as one of its OWN. It tells you who you are and evenmoreso, who you’re expected to be. After all, it believes it made you.

But remember, you are the ONLY ONE WHO CAN EVER DEFINE …. YOU.

So accept the accolades, the hugs, the smiles, and the well wishes. As some will be true, and others will not.

Hold dear to those who Knew You First. Cheered You First. Loved You First. Now And Always.

The LT Ladies are forever yours. Their love? Stronger than a million Suns.

From the Workshop to the Red Carpet. From YouTube to the Golden Globes. Hold tight to each other and NEVER LET GO.

No amount of money, fame, sex, or perks will ever be worth the bond you share with your twin. It is that very bond that supersedes all else.

You will never fail because you will always have your talent, and it has its passion, and together they have love and with LOVE, you have EVERYTHING.


We Promise.

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